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Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Telecom infrastructure Mapping
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Agricultural Mapping
  • Water Resources Mapping
  • Urban master-plan; Land-Use/Land Cover Mapping
  • Land Degradation Mapping
  • Oil and Gas offshore cartographic services
  • Pipeline Engineering Mapping
  • Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping (ESI)
  • Mineral Exploration
  • City wide infrastructure planning and delivery
  • Geological and Geotechnical services
  • Consumer data basing and documentation via GIS
  • Urban Utilities and Networking
  • Border Monitoring

Drone Service

  • Drone survey
  • Aerial Photo
  • 3d perspective
  • 3d model
  • Mosaic processing
  • Point cloud LAS data


  • Drone Training 
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3

Point of interest/Location is fast becoming very useful in the world today. One achieves a lot of goals so easily just by knowing where everything is located without actually being there. We offer location-based services to help grow customer relationships
monitoring and analysing data.

Location is often considered the most important factor leading to the success of a private- or public-sector organization.
Private-sector organizations can profit from a good location, whether a small coffee shop with a local clientele or a multinational network of factories with distribution centers and a worldwide chain of retail outlets. Location can help keep fixed and overhead costs low and accessibility high. Public-sector facilities, such as schools, hospitals, libraries, fire stations, and emergency response services (ERS) centers, can provide high-quality service to the community at a low cost when a good location is chosen


Need terrain data or bathymetric data for your personal research on a watershed, elevation models, cuts & fill, etc. we place high consideration on all client needs, in providing high accuracy data results and analysis


Online Spatial data analysis is a major aspect of
geographic Information System, which gives an
answer to all questions. We run an online and offline
service for clients who have spatial data, with limited
knowledge on how to utilize it.

We also run Online drone data processing at
affordable rates. Mosaicking has become a big issue to


Free Spatial Data

  • + Shapefile with Jpg 
  • – Create Map
  • – Export Map

Priced Spatial data

  • + Shapefile with Jpg 
  • + Create Map
  • + Export Map

GIS Service

Our experience is based on 10 yrs of proven capability in all areas of Geographic analysis, enabling us to develop a strong nucleus of knowledgeable and seasoned Staff.

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Our experience is based on 10 years of proven capability in all areas of GIS Projects.

+234 (803) 940-5679

Recent Projects

Construction of one suspended security block

Drone Mapping

Client: west Africa examination council, Yola branch office, Adamawa state, Nigeria.

Job scop: construction of security warehouse and 8 offices.

Lagos State University Encroachment 

LASU Encroachment

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